Alan Thong went on an extraordinary journey in pursuit of the “Power of Wisdom Blueprint” that changed his life entirely. He was a low self-confident person that believed he couldn’t achieve much in his life. His childhood was awful because of the verbal abuse by his very father. His low self-esteem got him shy to be in the limelight where he had to speak. He was basically a “classical” introvert.

His life changed when he moved from a small town to the big city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur where he was exposed to “Wisdom”, which led to him to be an avid researcher of psychology, philosophy, spirituality and finance. Once he tasted how “The Power of Wisdom” changed his life (speaking on the stage in front of hundreds where public speech was his no.1 enemy), his confidence started to go up. As he furthered his development of the “Power of Wisdom Blueprint”, he started a training and research centre where he dedicated his life into.